How Companies Can Cut Costs on Business Travel

With countries just starting to overcome the monetary downward spiral that damaged the world in 2009, companies that contain survived are always on the look out for ways to slice costs. Business travel is one of the areas that take up a sizable amount of company spending. This is true that travel is necessary for businesses unique within the country or abroad. However there are ways to reduce on the costs of business travel and so save your company money.

you. Use of technology. With modern technology now available like web conference and video calling, it might no longer be necessary to travel 1000s of miles and spend thousands in order to attend a meeting or be in the same geographically location with the person or people you are doing business with.

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installment payments on your Use of one credit card to buy company travel. One major benefit for doing this is usually that the company will accumulate repeated flyer miles from different airlines and even from hotels which will eventually lead to various prizes, like upgrades on the class of travel by an airline, free air tickets, free hotel accommodation and even airport exchanges which may be an investing in the company.

3. Negotiate with flight companies and hotels for special rates. It is astonishing how many companies do not do this and yet the amount of money saved in business travel can be substantial if a company discussed preferential rates with airline carriers and hotels many of whom are incredibly ready to provide this if it will mean the company patronising their services.

4. Have a company travel policy. Lack of a company policy on travel can lead to pointless travel abroad, including increased investing in air travel and hotel accommodation. A company should have tight policies on when travel can be undertaken and by whom and personnel members should be produced aware of these policies. Likewise there should be answerability for any business travel done including basis for travel, class of travel, hotels stayed in and quantity of days spent on business travel.

5. In the event your company works on the travel management company to deal with the travel and hotel reservations, it is important that they are aware about your company’s travel policy and its desire to lower on travel costs. You should use a travel management company that is willing to work with you in minimising these costs. If possible compare the rates of several travel management companies to ascertain if you are getting the best rates available in the market. This comparison should be done on a regular basis. Also from time to time, you should ask your travel management company to issue you with reports of all the travel created by your company to help you monitor and know how much you are spending on travel.

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